Introduction to Celene Coleman

Written by Celene Coleman

I am honoured to be a part of this team researching and challenging heteronormativity in South Africa, early in my career. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, BA honours in Sociology and am currently working on my MA in Sociology (RD), all at the University of Johannesburg. In my undergraduate studies my research focused on the perceptions of female bus drivers. During my honours I explored how social media is used to gain an understanding of current affairs. My MA research focusses on students’ perceptions of menstruation at the University of Johannesburg.

During my honours year, I had the privilege to worked closely with Dr Smuts as her intern. Through her expertise and research I was introduced to the world of heteronormativity and sexuality. I soon gained a keen interest into the field of sexuality and feminist studies. Studying heteronormativity aligns with my interests of researching areas which I feel are undergoing change, or are in need of change within society.

I am very excited to be working with such a diverse team and the broad array of knowledge I will be able to gain from the interaction. I look forward to growing as a researcher and young academic and am confident that the lessons I will learn throughout this research will help me grow in my sociological career.

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